Telecom Services​ - Turnkey OSP solution

Delta United offers civil work, fiber and copper network design with O&M services. We do more than lay the foundation of your network. Our highly trained, thoroughly experienced engineers and technicians technically design and build your network to maintain industry codes and standards of the highest grade. No network is complete without quality of splicing coupled with accurate testing.

Delta has designed and implemented over 500,000 meters of network length, with a capacity to connect 15,000 end user connections (commercial buildings, government offices and homes). Delta has trained and developed several implementation teams that can effectively manage between 30,000 to 50,000 meters of trenching, depending on the terrain and proximity to major roads and arteries every month.


Our Expertise

As proof that Turnkey is more than meets the eye, some of our best work is done below the ground. We offer a complete range of new and maintenance related underground and buried services ensuring the security and stability of your underground network.

  • OSP planning ,survey and design
  • Trenching/excavation in any kind surface ( rock & sand )
  • Excavation and preparation of trenches.
  • Manholes and hand hole Deployment and casting.
  • Any Kind if ducting laying in OSP work like Micro, HDPE, PVC etc.
  • Backfilling with concrete or sand as per specification
  • Concrete foundations construction
  • Asphalt cutting and reinstatement
  • Milling and paving
  • Tiled footways breaking and reinstating
  • Installation of Pedestal Interfaces / Pedestal
  • Fiber & cables pulling manually and air blowing.


Turnkey OSP Solution

Delta’s clients are STC, Mobily , ITC and SCECO in kingdom and also have work experience with Nokia, Huawei, Ericsson, TCIL, Samsung and many other reputed organizations.

  • Network patrolling for preventive maintenance
  • Alert back up teams to rectify faults in the networks.
  • Teams to carry out removals of cable blockages and cable relocation as and when the need arises.
  • Fiber Optic and indoor Installation.
  • Directional drilling,
  • Underground installation.
  • Fusion splicing, single, mass & Ribbon (mobile and aerial), Mechanical Splicing.
  • Termination and cross connection.
  • Testing & Repair.
  • Temporary / permanent fault restoration and System maintenance

Head Office

  • +966 11 2487277, +966 11 24889339
  • +966 11 2487886
  • camp: +966 11 4714542
  • Olayya, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Quality is our prime objective

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