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Increasing demand for high- speed broadband Internet access, TV, telephone and wireless services is driving businesses to invest on fiber optic networks. Known in the industry as FTTX.  Municipalities,  ,  real estate  developers,  private  companies, telecommunications/service  providers and  other  businesses  are  looking  for knowledgeable,  reliable  and experienced  partners  for  end-to-end fiber network solutions.

Our Expertise

We ensure our installations are fully compliant to your specifications and are of the highest technical integrity. This guarantees network reliability and longevity of investment.

  • Undertake civil work for fiber optic access installation.
  • Network construction and commissioning
  • Complete fiber telecom solutions for FTTX, DEP and LDN


Delta United has deep experience in this sector of Telecom and is leading the way in all aspects of fiber optics like FTTx, Passive/ Active.

  • Trenching, Ducting, Manhole, Milling and Paving
  • Pulling of new fiber cables in duct manually and by pressure machines
  • Splicing of all types of fiber cables in hand holes and manholes by splicing machine

Head Office

  • +966 11 2487277, +966 11 24889339
  • +966 11 2487886
  • camp: +966 11 4714542
  • Olayya, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Quality is our prime objective

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