Operations, Maintenance, Testing and Inspection

Delta United specializes in all types of commercial and industrial type installations providing the complete package from design, installation through to building maintenance, tailored to meet the client requirements & Domestic and commercial periodic testing and certification of electric installations to requirements, records are stored on computers and documentation and computer generated.

Our Expertise

Our installations are of the highest standards which has led to considerable interest from main contractors, knowing we are a company, synonymous with quality workmanship.

We pride ourselves on solving client problems and are known throughout the industry for our immediate reactive emergency services. This, coupled with our excellent project management and planned works management services, makes us an excellent partner in servicing your electrical distribution system and ensuring your electrical supply.

Operations, Maintenance, Testing and Inspection

  • Shut down maintenance works
  • Instrument services
  • High medium low voltages systems
  • Generator and emergency systems
  • Electrical power generation and distribution
  • Communication systems and networks
  • Central control and monitoring systems
  • Electronic systems and subsystems
  • Testing and commissioning of high voltage 230/130kv substations
  • Refurbishment/rehabilitation/reinforcement of existing system
  • Upgrades/modifications/power
  • Systems correction and improvements
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Lighting/ emergency lighting
  • BMS control wiring
  • Lightning protection
  • Security CCTV access controls

Head Office

  • +966 11 2487277, +966 11 24889339
  • +966 11 2487886
  • camp: +966 11 4714542
  • Olayya, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Quality is our prime objective

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