DC Power Solutions

At Delta United, we have partnered with leading technological partners to deliver and install state of the art batteries, monitoring systems and alternative power supplies that would ensure your business never suffers from a disconnection from power as you need it.

Our Expertise

Battery monitoring system can help protect your business from battery failures and improve your chances of avoiding catastrophic failure during a power outage. Delta United provides full turnkey engineering services and solutions for various DC Power both for Telecom and Industrial Infrastructure projects across Saudi Arabia. The Service teams at Delta United are qualified and certified to perform equipment installation and testing on site.

Power Solutions ensures continuous availability of power and the safe operation of critical applications in all environments. We build trust with our customers as they know that the can rely fully on Delta United for innovative power solutions that protect people, investments, data and businesses.


DC Power Solutions

We Delta United assuring you receive the best turn-key and custom power solutions. As the single source for all power-related products and services, we specialize in AC and DC power conversion, power quality, and power protection.

  • Project Management
  • Installation, Testing and Commissioning
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Backup Reserve Battery Bank


Head Office

  • +966 11 2487277, +966 11 24889339
  • +966 11 2487886
  • camp: +966 11 4714542
  • Olayya, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Quality is our prime objective

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