IT Infrastructure services​

Increasing demand for high- speed broadband Internet access, TV, telephone and wireless services is driving businesses to invest on fiber optic networks. Known in the industry as FTTX.  Municipalities,  ,  real estate  developers,  private  companies, telecommunications/service  providers and  other  businesses  are  looking  for knowledgeable,  reliable  and experienced  partners  for  end-to-end fiber network solutions.

Our Expertise

A robust and agile IT infrastructure allows flawless integration and automation of various processes. Delta United offers its unique package of IT infrastructure consulting solutions that help to induce agility, flexibility and technical prowess to your business.

We deliver fast and convincing results based on expert analysis for individual IT situation and requirements. Quickly and methodically implement IT OPTIMIZATION measures to improve your IT effectiveness.

We also help you to face the challenges of:

  • Potential IT problems and threats
  • Managing overall IT expenditure on IT applications, tools and manpower
  • Managing non-core activities alongside business critical operations
  • Increasing IT efficiency within restricted budget
  • Round the clock monitoring of IT infrastructure

Infrastructure services​

A rock solid IT infrastructure forms the backbone of any successful business.

Delta United helps you to align your business critical applications, operation models, processes and systems into a unified IT infrastructure that allows growth in a competitive marketplace through scalability, security and innovation. With our IT infrastructure management solutions, we help your business stay in tune with changing technologies and respond quickly and efficiently.

Delta’s IT infrastructure services also help you face the challenges of:

  • Making your IT system highly responsive to your company’s business priorities
  • Managing supplier and customer relations efficiently
  • Handling governance, compliance and metrics of risk management
  • Utilizing your IT tools, applications and systems in a more economical manner

Head Office

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  • camp: +966 11 4714542
  • Olayya, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Quality is our prime objective

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