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Delta United offers fiber and copper network design, coordination with civil authorities, as well as outside plant fiber/copper network construction for residential, commercial and governmental applications. In the recent course of years, Delta has designed and implemented over 500,000 meters of network length, with a capacity to connect 15,000 end user connections (commercial buildings, government offices and homes). Delta has trained and developed several implementation teams that can effectively manage between 30,000 to 50,000 meters of trenching, depending on the terrain and proximity to major roads and arteries every month.

- Fiber Optic and indoor Installation
- Directional drilling, underground installation of cable, Aerial installation
- Fusion splicing, single, mass & Ribbon (mobile and aerial), Mechanical Splicing, Termination and cross connection
- Site survey, Testing & Repair, inside/ outside plant cable troubleshooting
- Emergency fiber splicing, temporary / permanent fault restoration and system maintenance
- Testing System Design Fiber optic cable installation by mole plough
- Installing F.O.C in manholes, direct buried and overhead cables
- Trenching in rock & sand, Manholes and conduit construction
- Excavation and preparation of trenches for laying pipelines or ducts
- Hand holes and Manholes casting, Concrete foundations construction, Asphalt cutting and reinstatement
- Tiled footways breaking and reinstating, Installation of Pedestal Interfaces / Pedestal
- Providing customers with technical conclusion in planning, supervising and carrying out F.O projects
- Implementation and configuration of high rate digital subscriber line modems (HDSL & ASDL).
- Installing and joining the F.O.C for the computer networking including; planning for compass backbone, inside building cabling.
- Testing and commissioning the cabling system using OTDR and Omni scanner for both types of Cables.
- Complete fiber telecom solutions for FTTX, DEP and LDN