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A robust and agile IT infrastructure allows flawless integration and automation of various processes.
Delta United offers its unique package of IT infrastructure consulting solutions that help to induce agility, flexibility and technical prowess to your business.


While offering our bespoke IT infrastructure consulting services, we also help you to dodge the challenges of:

- Potential IT problems and threats
- Managing overall IT expenditure on IT applications, tools and manpower
- Managing non-core activities alongside business critical operations
- Increasing IT efficiency within restricted budget
- Round the clock monitoring of IT infrastructure



A rock solid IT infrastructure forms the backbone of any successful business.

Delta United helps you to align your business critical applications, operation models, processes and systems into a unified IT infrastructure that allows growth in a competitive marketplace through scalability, security and innovation. With our IT infrastructure management solutions, we help your business stay in tune with changing technologies and respond quickly and efficiently to customer requirements


Delta’s IT infrastructure services also help you face the challenges of:

- Making your IT system highly responsive to your company’s business priorities
- Managing supplier and customer relations efficiently
- Handling governance, compliance and metrics of risk management
- Utilizing your IT tools, applications and systems in a more economical manner


Delta United’s data center solutions help its clients become more responsive to their business requirements while bringing down operational and ownership costs, augmenting service delivery and creating added value. The ability to manage complexity while emphasizing preventative problem-solving is the key to our success.


Delta United offers scalable data center solutions that are highly adaptable to evolving business needs. Our gamut of data center services include:

- Consultancy and design
- Integration of Racks, Servers and KVM
- Data Center Networking (switching and routing) installation and configuration
- Rise flooring delivery and installation
- Cable tray/ladder installation and cable management
- Labeling and documentation
- Environmental sensor installation and configuration
- Power budget calculation and UPS planning
- UPS installation and configuration
- Electrical cabling for the UPS and power distribution
- Configuration of auto shutdown and re-start of server
- Material delivery (Servers, Racks, KVM, etc.)
- Data Centre Relocations
- Data Centre Consolidation
- Server virtualization
- Network and server room solutions.
- Hosting solutions.
- Infrastructure and management of private cloud.


Whether you are looking for strategic cloud computing solutions for your storage, servers and networks or cloud deployment services for successful data recovery, Delta United comes to your aid by providing a secure, agile and cost effective cloud infrastructure that helps you address all your requirements – within your predefined budget.


Delta United provides end-to-end cloud infrastructure solutions to help its clients receive on time and on demand flexibility to run smooth and seamless business processes. Our cloud infrastructure solutions can be tailored to your requirements and entail:

- Cloud consulting
- Cloud deployment
- Cloud system integration across various platforms
- Cloud migration
- Cloud monitoring and management
- Cloud data center architecture and data inventory


At Delta United, we believe in closing vulnerable lacunas and mitigating risks in your network processes before they pose a threat to your business.


Our network security solutions include:

Infrastructure Security   and     Applications Security.


There are several reasons that make Delta United a leading company in offering robust network security solutions.

When you choose Delta United for your network security, you get:

- Customized network security solutions mapped to your specific requirements
- Integrated network security for your enterprise that works across platforms, departments and locations
- Replacement of legacy and ineffective network security solutions with modern, up-to-date security structures
- Deployment of our proprietary management technology and threat intelligence to keep your business protected 24×7
- Testing and upgrade of security parameters, bolstering critical security structures, best-in-class security programs
- Improved IT process efficiency at cost effective rates