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GSM Towers Services

Over the course of many years, Delta United has acquired an in-depth experience and shares an extensive expertise in the Telecommunication Sector. Delta United has accumulated vast experience in the area of constructing GSM tower sites. Delta has designed and constructed GSM tower sites all over Saudi Arabia, including many in the most difficult locations situated hundreds of miles in deserts and hilltops, in which other contractors typically refuse to work. We have constructed new and renovated over 400 Roof Top and Green Field sites across the Kingdom. Delta United has proven to be an epitome in providing Telecom Installation and Swap services on over 1500 tower sites and Base Transceiver Stations in Saudi Arabia. Our company has trained and developed over 15 teams that comprise of riggers, electrical and telecom technicians and civil works personnel and simultaneously adopts a high level of safety for different types of hazards to life, health and property.

The list of services are as follows:

- Soil investigation for green field tower sites and building structural analysis for roof top sites
- Electrical, structural, geotechnical and infrastructure engineering design
- Tower foundation designs, construction of complete tower sites and remodelling of existing towers
- Electrical services including facilitating the provision of mains electrical supplies and standby generators
- RFI check along with ensuring the site permissions
- Hoisting of GSM/CDMAA/LTE antennas on tower as per TND/RND
- Extending power, E1, E1 STM integration, BSS/ NSS installation, grounding cables to BTS
- Fixing IGB and extending grounding
- Installation of battery bank and rectifiers along with internal cable tray and indoor jumpers
- Checking VSWR and Installation of Switching Nodes
- Commissioning the equipment as per defined procedure along with Quality Audit